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It is hard to believe that it has been a year already, but I have to say thank you to Soraya of Life’s Sweet! We lost our home and all of our belongings in the Marshall Fires, December of 2021. In January, I phoned Life Sweet to re-order a memory book I created with all of my husband’s important photos that had perished in the fire. Soraya was so touched by our plight that she gifted us the replacement book. I cried with gratitude for the lost photos and for the display of kindness. We have used Life’s Sweet several times over the years and were always very pleased with the quality of product, the professionalism, and the warm customer service! Soraya was an angel for our pain and loss, and I so appreciate her and Life’s Sweet!


Life’s Sweet is a miracle worker! I have four over-sized items (too large for most scanners) that I took to Life’s Sweet to be digitized and restored as much as possible as they are family treasures documenting my ancestors’ lives. Three were atypical documents including lots of colorful, detailed drawings, archaic printed text and handwriting; and one was a complicated photo that was 28 inches long. All had been glued to mats and all had damage of some sort such as wrinkles or creases, spots, and fading. One even had clear tape across the front to repair a tear. The resulting files I got back from Life’s Sweet were nothing short of amazing! The documents are gorgeous, the color restored, and you can’t even tell where the scotch tape had been. The digitized photo looks sharper than the original. In short, their work is incredible. And the short turn-around time (a little over one week) for restoring such complex documents is also remarkable. I will use Life’s Sweet for all future digitizing and restoration work.


Absolutely love Life’s Sweet! Soraya always took my vision and made me so happy with the final result! For the last four years I have truly been so thankful for the projects Life’s Sweet has done for me and our family. I am most grateful.

MARILYN C. Photo Montage

We decided to put together a photo book to commemorate a trip to Hawaii for my in-law’s 60th wedding anniversary. Life’s Sweet did an amazing job compiling and arranging our photos. We now have a cherished keepsake of our memories that we can look back on.

KAREN T. Custom Photo Book

Life’s Sweet, Soraya, and her team did an incredible job designing and printing my wedding album! I could’ve never imagined how beautiful it would turn out and I’m so thankful to have this amazing book to share for many years to come! Their attention to detail and beautiful work on every page and every background was just flawless, and NOTHING like any album I could create on my own! The process was very easy, I just picked the photos I liked best from my photographer and, BOOM! they were perfectly placed in the order of the day, representing the incredible fairy tale wedding I was so blessed to have! Thanks so much for the beautiful album, and for getting it finished so quickly, I love it so much!

STACY T. Custom Photo Book

This past summer I lost my mom. I was wanting to do something special for her grandchildren. Luckily we found “Life’s Sweet”. I took boxes of CD’s along with albums of photos not having a clue if we could be helped. It was so easy and their staff is beyond wonderful. I spent about two hours putting names to faces for them. That was it! It was that simple. A few weeks later I received the surprise of my life. All of my families lives were laid out in this amazing, beautiful book. The quality is something very special.  I believe that we gave my mom and dad’s family a great treasure for life. Let me put it this way; if our house catches on fire, I am grabbing the book on my way out the door.

LARRY G.Custom Photo Book

Life’s Sweet did a wonderful job converting my old VHS tapes to DVDs. They were very fast and even printed cover labels on each DVD so I knew what was on each one. Everyone was so nice and friendly to work with. I highly recommend!


I am so impressed with my book!!! The quality and design are amazing. Now I am ordering a book with my mom’s wedding pictures as a Christmas gift for her. I’m sure she will love it!!! I would highly recommend Life’s Sweet to anyone.

SAFOURA H.Custom Photo Book

I had some old pictures and slides, I took them to Life’s Sweet and they did an awesome job of scanning and restoration for me. They are wonderful!!!

SHAHLA K.Photo Scanning and Photo Restoration

My wife had our wedding album done here and we absolutely love it. It was nice to just give them everything and let them build it. One less thing to worry about.

DANIEL C.Custom Photo Book

I had a few old photos of my parents that needed to be restored so I can give them to my parents as a gift. Life’s Sweet did an incredible job resorting these photos for me. I was so pleased and they did it within 24 hours which exceeded my expectation. I highly recommend them for repairing any type of photos.

KALPANA T.Photo Restoration

The photo books that Life’s Sweet creates are amazing! The books they made for my two daughters were absolutely beautiful! The best part was that I didn’t have to do anything but give them the photos. It’s a great way to preserve your memories, and also a great gift to give to your loved ones!

ANDREA B.Custom Photo Book

Life’s Sweet created gorgeous custom photo books of my wedding and of my family. They are beautifully crafted and the creativity and attention to detail shine through on every page!! I get so many compliments when I share them with friends. Thank you Life’s Sweet for providing us with an absolutely stunning keepsake to share our most cherished memories!!

AMBER H.Custom Photo Book

What a pure joy to get the opportunity to work with an amazing company at Life’s Sweet! Soraya and Team really dedicate themselves to education, customer service and quality memory preservation. They have helped us on multiple occasions with beautiful image scanning, composition, layout and restoration of media. It is a pure joy to share and keep these precious memories for all time. Thank you for doing what you do!

HOLLIE C.Photo Scanning and Photo Restoration

Life’s Sweet created a beautiful photo book of our wedding day. The book is of the highest quality and is a wonderful keepsake and my wife and I still look through it and relive all of the wonderful memories of that day. Thank you Life’s Sweet for capturing the memories of this very special day for us!!

FARHAD M.Custom Photo Book

The book that Life’s Sweet made for my son’s wedding is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful and professionally done. It brings back all the good memories every time I look at it. I am so happy that I made the decision to go to professional and caring people. Thank you Life’s Sweet and keep up the work.

AFSANEH M.Custom Photo Book

We have used Life’s Sweet for multiple projects over the years. Every time we have gotten our items back, we have loved and adored each and every one. One of their newest features, being able to create your own photo book is my favorite! I was able to create the exact album that I wanted to remember and cherish the pictures from our wedding. We get so many compliments on the beauty and quality of the book.

Most recently, we decided to gift a VHS to DVD conversion for my parents of our home videos from when we were children. They arrived just in time for Thanksgiving. We were able to watch all of the movies together as a family and laughed so much together that we cried. It is such a gift to have those memories preserved.

We are so thankful to Life’s Sweet for helping preserve our family memories!

ALISON M.Custom Photo Book and VHS-to-DVD

I’m a consultant who is hired to organize corporate retreats. When running a leadership and team building retreat for a large national health care company, I wanted to make people who work so hard remember what it feels like to play. We created a carnival where everyone got dressed up and enjoyed different carnival events. The retreat was such a success that I didn’t want any of the participants to forget how much fun it was when they worked and played together not just as a business, but as a team. I had Life’s Sweet create albums and music DVDs for each participant, so when they returned to their office, they would be reminded that their colleagues were more than just co-works, they were all teammates who liked to play, too. They loved it! The albums were the perfect parting gift after a wonderful weekend together.

JENNIFER J.Custom Photo Books and DVDs

I have a wedding book of my son’s wedding and a picture book of beautiful granddaughters done with a lot of feeling! They also created a beautiful memory disk for my sweet friend’s daughter when she passed that they will have forever. What a great way to keep our memories alive!

KATHY K.Custom Photo Book

We’re a digital photo family. My husband and I have put so much time into creating DVDs because we put all of our photos to music. But we’ve always wanted hard copies of our pictures to coincide with our photos online. I was delighted when I was given a Life’s Sweet album of our family vacation as a birthday gift. It was instant gratification to be able to curl up with our beautiful photo book and relive the memories of the special time we were able to spend with our family.

GRACE A.Custom Photo Book

I take pictures every day. I’m one of those people who carries my camera around with me, especially since my son was recently born. Scrap booking has become too time consuming and I can’t keep up with my little boy – let alone with his pictures. Not only can I not duplicate my scrapbooks, but they have become so costly. It was such a relief to walk into Life’s Sweet and drop off 160 pictures then return a week later to pick up my beautiful book. The best part was being able to have my book duplicated as a gift for family members. I’m looking forward to having this easy and affordable way to build a library of my son’s life.

JENNY R.Custom Photo Book

My wife had a Life’s Sweet photo book and DVD created for my surprise 50th birthday party. When the DVD of my life was playing—from infancy to age 50—I was able to share some of my most precious memories with more than fifty friends and family members. It gave us all a way to review some wonderful memories.

My wife loved working with the designers at Life’s Sweet to create an unbeatable birthday present. The album is absolutely outstanding. I love it!

CHAD S.Custom Photo Book and Photo Slideshow

Life’s Sweet is one of the best album and DVD making that exist. Their designs, quality of work, professionalism and the effort in making these beautiful albums are admirable and memorable. The team at Life’s Sweet are awesome, courteous and provide such an exceptional service to their customers. It brings me calm and happiness whenever I turn pages in all my albums and watch DVDs that Life’s Sweet have created for me.

Thank you very much for your amazing work and creativity. You also surprise us by constantly updating your site with new coupons, deals and always being on top of it to inform your customers of what is going on.

LIDA T.Custom Photo Book and Photo Slideshow