Denver Photo Scanning and Organization Services

Preserve your past. You’ll be glad you did!

Back in the day, we printed photographs and slides. After all, that was the only way to see what the camera captured! We often got duplicates to share with family and friends, and now these photographs—right alongside the blurry ones—are stored in boxes, drawers and closets going unseen for years. Plus you may have scrapbooks or wedding photos that won’t be preserved in case of disaster.

Now you have digital photos on your computer, your phone, camera cards, and old single-use cameras that never made it to the store to get developed. If you want to find a picture, the task of sifting through thousands of unorganized files seems daunting. What to do?

Life’s Sweet will help you collect, organize, and scan your printed memories, and we will even organize the digital memories. We weed out duplicates and fuzzy shots and set up a customized system to store, manage and share your memories.

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Your old photos aren’t getting any younger!

The best part is everything gets digitized and stored on an external hard drive, DVD or thumb drive so it is easily accessible, easy to protect, and will stand the test of time. Life is sweet—don’t let those precious memories fade!

Don’t wait for more memories to pile up and go unseen. Once we organize your photos, you’ll be able to find the pictures of a family member or a special family vacation within minutes. Contact us today to receive a quote for your scanning and organization needs.


“From the creation of beautiful Legacy Books to meeting my massive photo scanning project deadline with short notice at a busy time of the year, I have had a wonderful relationship with Life’s Sweet since 2015. Soraya and her team are true artists and love what they do!”

Nona Y.Custom Photo Book & Photo Scanning Customer